Kombucha - %100 fresh and natrual

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, carbonated tea beverage that contains probiotics, antioxidants, B vitamins and so much more. It is made from black or green tea, sugar or honey, water and a fermenting culture called a “scoby”. 

Single 360ml Bottle $5

24 x 360ml case $110

More About Kombucha

Though kombucha seems like a new fad, it actually dates back 2,000 years to ancient China, where it was regularly consumed to remedy inflammatory ailments such as arthritis and thought to ward off cancer. It is also believed to cleanse the body and support a healthy immune system. JD's KOMBUCHA uses only the best quality black tea leaves from Fair Trade sources. It's our commitment to producing a healthy drink that gives back to our earth. 

JD's KOMBUCHA is fermented by using only the highest quality organic cane sugar, which ensures our product is lightly sweetened without compromising on health benefits.   

JDs KOMBUCHA is locally brewed in Burlington, Ontario.  Years of experimenting have resulted in a consistently delicious, lightly-sweetened and effervescent non-alcoholic drink that provides many health benefits.