Promoting resilience and improved functioning

Understanding Stress

Chronic stress underlies billions of dollars in lost productivity in the workplace and is a well-known trigger for depression and anxiety disorders, which cost our economy up to $50 billion in lost productivity.      

Seven ways to run a more mindful business

1) Limit lunchtime meetings. Ensure sufficient time for daily regeneration.

2) Turn cell phones off during meetings. You can't be present if you are checking your phone. Schedule texting breaks if necessary.

3) Schedule walking meetings. Being close to nature relieves stress. 

4) Start meetings with intention. Go around the table and have everyone state what they are hoping to accomplish.

5) Stick to the agenda – keep meetings purposeful and specific.

6) Don’t check emails after working hours.  

7) Limit blame and judgement. Address missed goals with facts to identify what went wrong, and what can be learned.  

Customized Packages


A typical 60-minute workshop includes:

- Overview of the stress response system

- The impact of chronic stress on daily functioning  

- Resilience and mindfulness 

- Guided meditation, follow the breath, restorative yoga (space permitting) 

Costs start at $200 for a one time workshop depending on number of participants, goals and other factors. 

Restorative yoga for athletes:

- 60 to 75 minutes customizable sessions 

- Guided meditation 

- Poses to increase flexibility and strength 

- Restore balance and help repair injury

- Exercises designed to enhance focus and help manage stress

We are happy to work within your needs, space and budget. Contact us today to start the discussion!