Zaveda Wellness was founded by Laura Keating. It is a culmination of nearly 20 years of Laura's personal mindfulness journey and the completion of her PhD in Neuroscience at McMaster University. Her PhD focused on the impact of exercise and mindfulness strategies on mental, cognitive and social wellness, and identified the need. Laura also completed her Restorative Yoga teacher training with Andrea Peloso, Relax and Renew Trainer, at De La Sol Yoga Studio in November 2017. Zaveda was developed to meet those needs, to combine community partnerships with evidence-based programs in order to realize practical wellness outcomes. 

Recent presentations:

1. Keating LE, Frey B, Sassi R, Garrick L, Whattam J, McCabe K, McKinnon M, Becker S: “Effects of a 12-week running therapy program on mood, memory and executive functions in MDD patients.” Toronto Area Memory Group (TaMEG) Spring meeting, May 5, 2015.

2. Keating LE, Becker S, McCabe K, Whattam J, Garrick L, Sassi R, Frey BN, McKinnon M: “Evaluating the Effects of a Therapeutic Running Program for Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders in a Tertiary Care Setting”; 26th Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference, Toronto, March 2016.

3. Keating LE, Becker S, McCabe K, Whattam J, Garrick L, Sassi R, Frey BN, McKinnon M: “Evaluating the effects of a 12-week running program in adults with treatment-resistant mood disorders in a tertiary care setting”; McMaster University, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences 28th Annual Research Day, April 2016.

4. Keating LE, McKinnon M, Sassi R, Frey BN, Becker S: “Exercise and mental health: A new approach based on an ancient philosophy”, Psychiatry, Neuroscience & Behaviour Research Day, McMaster University, December 2017 .


Do I have to join as a member to attend classes?

Yes, you must complete a membership form to attend one of our events or classes. 

Do I need to pay a monthly fee?

There is no requirement to be a member. You can pay a drop-in cost for classes or events of interest, or purchase monthly passes. 

If I want to order essential oils or other products, will you ship to me?

We do not currently offer shipping. Products will be available at classes or workshops, or we can arrange pickup in the Orchard area in Burlington. If these options don't work, please contact us before purchasing anything online!

I want to bring mindfulness into my workplace. Can you help?

It's important to note that the maximal benefits of mindfulness are associated with a daily practice. However, we can provide the framework to get started.  Check out our Corporate Wellness page, or send a message (below) to discuss how we can work together to meet your goals. 

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